IDT 554 Final Reflection


Part 1:  What I learned

Since I had little to no experience using html5 prior to doing project 1 I learned a lot.  I mostly learned how to read code and what it means.  My html site definitely needs some improvement but it helped me learn what I need to begin.  I think that if I tried it again I could start a website without any help, (for the basics) anyway.  I have all the components now in order to put the basic ideas together.

This was my first time using WordPress as well.  I, of course found this much easier to understand and the learning curve is minimal.  It is also good to know that I don’t necessarily need to code (html) in order to create a website for a client or myself.  The free version of WordPress is limited but it worked great for a beginner like myself.  I think I will eventually convert to the paid version.


Part 2:  Design Techniques

My design techniques were minimal as I mostly focused on creation of the website.  But I was able to figure out CSS a little.  I used a color scheme and a three column layout.  I think I would have tried a few different color schemes before I decided, if i were doing it again.  Some colors seem to work until you start using them.  I think the text is hardest to coordinate.  Some colors do not work well at text.  I think that was the case with my html site.  With WordPress I was able to change the color of the fonts pretty easily to test them.

A few of the Design Principles that used were Hierarchy, Consistency, Highlighting.  Like my website these are basic principles that worked well for me.  Hierarchy because I used the same layout, color and text but changed them based on what was being described or what the focus was. Mostly the order of which I wanted to display the text or pictures shows the hierarchy of the website.  Highlighting because I used the basic BOLD, italic, underline, simple font and color.  I mostly showcased an important idea by using one of these.  Consistency because the same theme was used in both websites but I changed or arranged a text to modify the theme.  

Part 3:   Accomplishments

well Im sure most people wouldn’t think creating a link to a page or inserting a photo into HTML a hard task, but I thought it was pretty great.  It is really cool to see a sequence of letter become a real idea on the page.   CSS was definitely a bit more difficult but I couldn’t believe I created a layout and color scheme by using it.

On my WordPress site I liked the widgets created and being able to edit my resume.   I was able to add some things and edit it to look better.  I like having a page for my resume that people can navigate to. I also have been looking for a way to organize the projects don’t throughout this program.  I was able to do that by uploading most of them.  I probably wont keep all of them because they aren’t relevant or professional looking, but I liked that I have them in one place now.

Part 4:  Course Summary

I thought this course was great.  I liked being able to build a site week by week.  I now know how to start and create a new website as well as implement a style sheet.  I now have a html editing program (text wrangler) and a FTP file transfer program (FUGU) to use.  Without taking this course I would not have known any of this.  I just wish there was more time to learn and develop the steps.  I would have loved a full semester of just learning html.  I didn’t even touch Java.  It was hard for a beginner because as a class we had to keep moving forward but I would have loved to spend 3 weeks just mastering how to use the SFTP transfer.

In addition I have bookmarked many of the websites or readings so I can refer to them in the future.  Without taking this class I wouldn’t have even known to look for such things.  I am also a visual learner.  I think in classes like these someone like me needs step by step videos or weekly lectures.  It was so helpful to have Doug on video chat helping because I would have been clueless without a visual aid.


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