• Social Information Theory
  • Information Technology
  • Information Design
  • Research Methods
  • Social Media
  • Ethical Law & Theory
  • Emerging Information Technologies
  • Digital Narratives
  • Web Development & Design
  • Web-sphere Analysis
  • Health Information Management- Database creation, research & Implementation
  • Instructional Design ( Project: )
  • Thesis- The Restaurant Industry and Climate Change (link to the website portion of my thesis: )
  • link to written portion of thesis Draft3_Rowe



Visual Metaphor:  

Rise of New Media:

Radio/TV before Web 2.0:

Cookies and Internet Privacy:

Digital Narratives-Web Archiving:

Web Archiving:

A Digital Narrative:

Using Glogster:

Social Media Prezi Project:

Other project links

Week 7 Team 6


IDT524- Archiving FF


Infographic 1- Climate Change Basics

climatechange inforgraphic

Basic information restaurant employees should know about climate change that include greenhouse gas emissions and ways for employees to combat the effects within the restaurant.

Infographic 2- Food Waste Solutions


What happens when restaurants waste food

images retrieved from

Infographic 3- Learn about Climate Change

Info-grahic on Climate Chanage

Infograhic on Climate Change


Instagram: Syracuse Jerky




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